ECOCLEVAL is a company composed by professionals with a multidisciplinary background and international experience that, decided to develop their own business.

The company comes up to support technological start-ups in their early years. We have identified the difficulties for start-ups in managing their resources and know-how, to find customers and to obtain funding for the development of their products and services mainly in R&D high tech sectors.

On the other hand, there are launching interesting new initiatives that, due to the lack of resources, are not taking advantage of them. Initiatives that include networking events from specific sectors, competitions and awards for start-ups and SME's, funding for the set up and consolidation of companies, European funding for R&D, access to investment forums, programs that support internationalization, etc.

As we did, we want other start-ups and companies also to benefit from these opportunities. That's why we facilitate the search, contact and application processes, getting involved in your projects.

We understand entrepreneurship and live your reality.